It was another sombre start to today’s PMQs. The handful of socially distanced MPs stood heads bowed for a minute of silence to honour Captain Sir Tom Moore and all victims of the pandemic. Boris Johnson said that the Second World War Veteran’s was “a long life, lived well” and that “as Captain Tom continued to remind us: remember, tomorrow will be a good day”. He encouraged everyone to join a national clap for both Moore and the NHS at 6pm this evening.

After welcoming the clap for Captain Tom, Sir Keir Starmer set his sights on the story broken yesterday in the Times that Sage warned Downing Street two weeks ago that only mandatory hotel quarantine for all travellers would prevent new coronavirus strains from arriving in the country. Johnson echoed the government’s strong insistence that the story was a mischaracterisation of Sage advice, adding that it was “not practical” to completely close off the UK as Starmer seemed to be suggesting.