The full scale of David Cameron’s lobbying campaign to get state support for the doomed financial firm Greensill Capital has been laid bare in a dossier of texts, emails and phone calls. And it makes grim reading for the former PM.

The document, published yesterday, reveals that Cameron sent officials at least 25 texts, 12 WhatsApp messages, 11 calls and eight emails over a four-month period, telling them that the failure to provide financial support to Greensill Capital was “nuts” and “bonkers”.

On one day alone, after Greensill was turned down by Treasury officials to take part in a Bank of England Covid support scheme, Cameron texted four government ministers including Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Michael Gove, the Cabinet office minister .

He signed some of his messages “love Dc”, claimed he was “riding to the rescue” with his financier boss Lex Greensill and described the now-collapsed financing firm as a “British success story”.

Details of the lobbying emerged in evidence submitted by Cameron in response to a demand by the Treasury select committee that is holding an inquiry into Greensill.

Read some of the full texts below:

To Tom Scholar, Treasury permanent secretary, 6 March
I am riding to the rescue with Supply Chain Finance with my friend Lex Greensill – my new job… See you with Rishi’s for an elbow bump or foot tap. Love Dc

To Tom Scholar, Treasury permanent secretary, 3 April
Again Greensill have got a “no”. Am genuinely baffled… Can I have 5 minutes for a call? This seems bonkers. Am now calling CX [the Chancellor], Gove, everyone. Best wishes. Dc.

To Sheridan Westlake, No 10 adviser, 3 April
Hope you are still thriving at the heart of the machine. Could I trouble you for a very quick word?

To Michael Gove, Cabinet Office minister, 3 April
I know you are manically busy – and doing a great job, by the way (this is bloody hard and I think the team is coping extremely well). But do you have a moment for a word? I am on this number and v free. All good wishes Dc.

To Rishi Sunak, Chancellor, 18 May
Thanks for the call today. I have sent one last whatsapp with a solution that only backs UK firms. Please have a look and ask Officials to do the same. My apologies for troubling you again. We should have got to this answer faster. All good wishes Dc.

To Nadhim Zahawi, vaccines minister, 14 June
Hi there. Well done with keeping going in the midst of all this. You’ve been v solid on the media.

To John Glen, Treasury minister, 26 June
Thanks for your help with this. Sorry the answer is a “no” but we appreciate the engagement. All good wishes Dc.