It is safe to say that no British government has ever suffered from such downright incoherence as Boris Johnson’s administration. Governments have faced bigger crises, have performed more calamitously or have acted even more irresponsibly; but none has laboured under an identity crisis more extreme than the present Number 10 regime. It says Conservative on the label, it identifies as redistributive in policy and it screams expediency in its every action. It does not know on Monday what its policies will be on Thursday: living from hand to mouth looks like a five-year plan, compared to the knee-jerk pragmatism of this government-by-impulse. This is a low-tax government that hikes National Insurance, corporation tax and any other impost it sees as a useful source of revenue to underpin its manic public spending. The Tories (if they can any longer lay claim to that name) are all over the place.