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What is going on inside the Home Office? First, civil servants had to rewrite guidance for refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion. Now, there are contradictory reports of ministers planning to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for “outsource” processing.

The department has not denied the plans, with a spokesperson telling Sky News: “We are committed to working closely with a range of international partners as we continue to fix our broken asylum system.” All of this was happening while the Home Office was scrambling to approve Ukrainian visas.

But Lord Harrington, the Minister for Refugees, told LBC on Tuesday: “If it’s happening on the same corridor that I’m in, they haven’t told me about it.”

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, may be edging closer to unveiling the Rwanda proposal, which campaigners have called “barbaric”. It would also, according to Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell, cost more per person than a stay at the Ritz.

The proposal is likely to face further opposition should it come ahead of the Queen’s Speech next month. Similar attempts to process illegal migrants in Albania and Ghana fell through, so the chances of Rwanda settling illegal immigrants remain doubtful.

Then again, Boris Johnson’s close relationship with corrupt Rwandan President Paul Kagame is well documented. Only last month, the Prime Minister approved the ambassadorship of Johnston Busingye, the former Rwandan “justice” minister who played the central role in kidnapping political rival Paul Rusesabagina.

Johnson is thought to be “desperate” to announce the policy ahead of the May local elections, in a bid to appear tough on migration. But given what an almighty mess the Rwanda plans seem to be, it would make more sense to scrap them altogether.