The corkscrew twists and turns of current Italian politics would challenge the comprehension of Archimedes, inventor of the screw principle. The 66th government of the Italian Republic has just collapsed. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has resigned, hoping to be made prime minister again with a government lineup much like the one that has just quit.

The crisis was triggered by a former prime minister, Matteo Renzi, leader of a splinter party, Italia Viva (Living Italy), walking out of the government. He hopes that with the right roll of the dice he could be prime minister again – or get some other top job, like secretary general of Nato.

“Renzi suffers from what in Italy we call the ‘ego super aumentato’ – the turbo-charged ego,” says Donatella Cinelli Colombini, a famed wine producer in Brunello country south of Siena, and the phenomenally successful founder and leader of ‘Donne del Vino’ promoting women in the wine business. “To bring the government down is the most absurd folly, given what Italy is going through. It is symptomatic of this government – which believes in politics by Instagram and WhatsApp and not much more.”