I shouldn’t get angry about this. It’s not good for my blood-pressure. But when I read Sherelle Jacobs’s latest column in this morning’s Daily Telegraph, I nearly blew a fuse.

According to the headline on her column (amply borne out by the argument beneath): “the EU is a failed empire that has condemned itself to irrelevance”.

The European project, Jacobs says, “was, and remains, an illusion: a 1950s Disney fairytale wrapped in Continental legalese. It is a failed federation not just riven by power struggles and vanity, but tormented by suspicion of ‘Anglo-Saxon’ freedom.”

Last week, her message was that “the divided, distracted and deluded West,” led by the United States, was allowing China to take over the world, but let’s not dwell on that. My sermon this morning is taken from the Book of Brexit, chapter 1, verse 1:

The United Kingdom, in liberating itself from the European Union, shall be free to pursue its own course in the world, released from the despotic constraints of EU law and the dismal prospect of Ever Closer Union.