The only people who will regret that the Conservative conference is over are the Labour party. Not in living memory has a more dire assembly demonstrated to the world the moribund condition of the Conservative party. Worse than moribund, in fact, since it still exhibits violent energy – but only for internal warfare and self-destruction. There is one deluded sentiment that, in times of extreme demoralisation, is heard within Tory ranks after a lengthy spell in office: “We need a period in opposition.”

That kamikaze notion was last heard in the run-up to the 1997 general election, when those expressing it were granted their wish – for 13 years. Anecdotally, that insidious mantra of defeatism was heard in Birmingham this week: it is a suicidal mindset and an abdication of responsibility to the public. Those feeling fatigued by the electorate’s entrustment of the nation’s governance to the Conservative party four times in succession are unfit for the profession of politics, whose primary purpose is to secure and execute the competent government of the country.