Jab well done: inside a Covid vaccination centre

BY Caitlin Allen   /  22 February 2021

A queue is forming outside a modern, brick building on a Kentish town side street, next door to the Caversham General Practice. Several of those in the line could be as young as 20 and there’s barely a grey hair in sight.

A chirpy, middle-aged man strolls out from behind the glass door with a spring in his step. He picks up his phone: “Yep, the Oxford one… feeling good, thanks. Nice b-day present!”

I’ve arrived at Peckwater Health Centre, my local Covid vaccination spot. The youthful faces outside momentarily threw me, but they’re just a sign of how far we’ve come. The government met its ambitious target of vaccinating 15 million people by mid-February. Now those in their sixties and young people with medical conditions are getting the call-up for their jab.


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