I must confess that like many a British journalist, I’m dreading the knock on the door from the Corbynite Re-education Service if their man wins the election. Clever Seumas Milne will be in Number 10 as director of propaganda. Tony Blair will be confused. Diana Abbott will be in the Home Office. No, she won’t. But John McDonnell will be in the Treasury. And the UK’s hacks who mocked that gang’s chances mercilessly will be in the soup. I hear France is nice this time of year?

With that in mind, can I just say what a magnificent general election campaign Mr Corbyn and his associates have fought? It has been very impressive. He has put up a very good fight, despite the obstacle of being a pro-IRA, pro-Hamas, Marxist maniac.

What really stands out for me at the close of this campaign? Other than the simple truth that I cannot take another minute more of Emily Thornberry on the radio?

1) Corbyn was terrific on the stump, and the pitch got slicker the more he did it. He rose to the challenge.

2) Corbyn was completely shameless in dropping commitments and lying about his previous views. And for this his supporters call him authentic!

3) He’s smartened himself up so much that he now dresses like Gordon Brown.

4) Hiding John McDonnell was a good move. McDonnell is far, far worse even than Corbyn and far more dangerous. He’s bright and he thrills to talk of direct action (code for smashing stuff up.) The public is going to love its new Chancellor if Labour pulls off a shocker! And investors and the markets!

5) Seumas Milne has had a great campaign, taking the most disastrous candidate for Prime Minister since 1832 and drilling him in the most disciplined manner until he spoke the required crap soundbites on demand. Who says that after the defeat of Communism Stalinists have nothing left to offer?

So, there we are. I’ll race you on Friday morning for the last seat in the last helicopter off the roof of Milbank Tower if Labour wins.