Here we go again, another week, another War of the Words. The Jo brand ‘battery acid’ controversy is this week’s Twitter tempest, this week’s outrage, furor, brouhaha, call it what you will. The Daily Mail headlines scream in indignation, a swarm of enraged keyboard warriors is martialled, and Brendan O’Neil of Spiked rushes to his computer to single himself out by dashing off a think piece that runs counter to the prevailing mood.

I am tending to avoid these kinds of stories now, as they are becoming wearisomely predictable. Someone at a level of fame sufficient to be of general household interest but not quite powerful enough to be immune from a one slip career disaster, says or writes something, or has comments attributed to them, that are deemed to transgress the fashionable liberal rubrics that action, usually dismissal, but in this case police involvement, is demanded either by the wronged party, or the mob – presumably on behalf of humanity at large.