There was plenty to criticise about Jo Swinson’s speech to the Lib Dem party conference yesterday. Her bold decision to sign up to a manifesto that commits the party to revoking Article 50 on day one of a majority Lib Dem administration could alienate hitherto sympathetic Tory Remainers in crucial target seats in the South of England. If the Lib Dems find themselves as a junior coalition partner and have to roll back on their manifesto position, that could damage the party’s credibility. Swinson surely does not need to be reminded of the cost to the party of her predecessor Nick Clegg’s decision to sign up to a pre-election pledge to freeze tuition fees, on which he could not possibly deliver in a coalition administration.

And her views on social policy seem to be little more than reheated Cameroon-ism: for “Happiness Index”, now read “wellbeing budget”.

In many other ways, the speech represented a missed opportunity.