Jog on: why we shouldn’t worry about outdoor transmission

BY Alastair Benn | tweet alastair_benn   /  12 January 2021

Didn’t that jogger come a bit close to me? Wasn’t he panting all over the place? Shouldn’t I have made more effort to step out of the way of that couple? We are all familiar with the park walk inner monologue. Indeed, during Lockdown 1.0, to go to one of London’s parks was to witness a weirdly dense new set of social norms in action – like warring cats, we dived and skipped and zigzagged our way about each other.

The debate over the extent of outside transmission of Coronavirus has intensified in the last few weeks – commentators have speculated whether the new variant is more transmissible outside. Indeed, with very few levers left to pull, the government may clamp down further on people perceived to be breaking one of the key exceptions to the general “stay at home” order – exercise. Mandatory mask wearing outside at all times is reported to be being considered.


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