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John Swinney, Deputy First Minister to Wee Krankie, is in the frame over the SNP scandal relating to the non-delivery of two very expensive CalMac ferries. The Scottish government has become highly skilled at cutting off Scottish islands from the mainland. The documents showing who took the fateful decision to award the terrible ferry contracts were believed lost. Now, they have finally been discovered.

Jenny Gilruth, minister for transport, told the Scottish parliament today with some relish that the papers were found “by chance” after they were “buried” in the email account of a staffer from the government’s finance hub, thus – in her words – destroying the suggestion there was a ministerial direction to keep it hidden from public.

The document showed the decision was taken by Derek Mackay, a Nat minister long since resigned on other squalid matters. But, and here is where Honest John Swinney is in the frame, government emails show it was passed up the line to Swinney to sense check and “avoid banana skins.” Many millions of pounds of wasted public money later, the ferries are still not here.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had been under significant pressure over the past few weeks to release the “missing” documents after critics branded her administration “corrupt” for not making it available to Audit Scotland when they had the chance.

The Scottish government did not even have the courtesy to consult Holyrood, sparking accusations of contempt of parliament. But they did at least send a press release praising themselves for finding the file, so that’s okay then.