When a newspaper is in difficulties it’s quite usual for the editor to be sacked while the chief executive and other senior managers keep their jobs. It’s the same in football. The manager departs; the chief executive and his cronies remain. In one way this is quite reasonable. The editor is responsible for what goes into the paper, the football manager for what happens on the field. So they are judged by results, a fate chief executives often seem to avoid. Consequently, nobody was surprised when Manchester United told Jose Mourinho ‘Time’s up. Pack your bags’ this week. It evidently wasn’t an overnight decision. The former United player, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seemed to already have been lined up to take charge as ‘interim manager’ for the rest of the season. It should be said that Mourinho has displayed a bit more dignity in his departure than Ed Woodward, United’s Chief Executive, in his sacking.