There is no better day than the 4th of July in American politics to bury bad news or, in the case of Kamala Harris, to answer some tough questions.

It probably suits the junior Senator from California that the news broke yesterday when most of America is obsessed with fireworks, tanks, and the size of the presidential crowd/ego. Yet it was on Wednesday that Harris clarified her position on “busing” (less often “bussing”), the practice of transporting black students to white-dominated schools to rebalance demographic inequalities and/or the effects of segregation. That, you might remember, was the topic she had used to nail Joe Biden to the stage on the second night of the first Democratic debates. Biden looked stunned when challenged on his civil rights record; perhaps angry too, if his scattergun reply was any measure, amounting to a “What? Me? Racist? What! Why, I’ll…!”