Kate Bingham on the secret to UK’s vaccine success

BY Olivia Gavoyannis   /  8 February 2021

In a candid interview with La Repubblica’s Antonello Guerrera and Die Welt’s Stefanie Bolzen, Kate Bingham, former Chair of the UK government’s Vaccine Taskforce, talked about the differences between the UK and EU strategies, the claims the AstraZeneca jab doesn’t work well in the elderly, and the future of coronavirus inoculation. You can read the full interview here.First on the agenda was the success of the UK’s vaccine strategy, which has already seen more than 12 million people receive their first dose of a Covid-19 jab.

“The instruction I was given by the Prime Minister was to save lives as soon as possible, so we had a very clear goal. We had a very clear focus on being quick and securing the most promising vaccines for the UK as soon as possible.”

“So the first thing we did was basically to narrow down the landscape to those [vaccines] that could enter the clinic in 2020.


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