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When Ukrainian oligarch Adnan Kivan temporarily closed the country’s oldest English-language newspaper the Kyiv Post last year in a conflict over editorial freedom, its staff joined forces to launch their own website in the pursuit of truth. Now, the Kyiv Independent is playing a critical role in reporting the armed conflict in Ukraine and is stepping up the fight against fake news.

The Kyiv Independent, founded in November 2021 by chief editor Olga Rudenko and 30 ex-Post journalists, has stayed in Ukraine’s capital while a large proportion of the population moves westwards.

The organisation is one of the last remaining independent media outlets left on the ground and is continuing to update Ukrainians – and indeed the world – about what is happening, from Russian advancement to Kremlin disinformation.

Journalists in Britain can sometimes take for granted the privileges others in the world are denied, not least the right to hold power to account without fear or trepidation. We commend the work being done by correspondents in Ukraine.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help keep The Kyiv Independent going.