Let’s be honest, the average British office worker spends their working hours drifting through a tech-induced haze, attention divided between a thousand tabs, pointlessly over-caffeinated, occasionally forced to heave themselves into the office, but mostly focused on doing the laundry they really should have done over the weekend. Then there’s meeting on meeting leading to nowhere in particular. And hey, it’s Thursday – weekend again! 

Labour MPs, led by worker-in-chief Keir Starmer, are, apparently, the exception that proves the rule.

In a statement to the Civil Service, released this morning, new PM Keir Starmer gives a taster of Labour’s governing style. In the clip lasting only a minute and a half, he uses some derivation of the word “work” eight times, more than any other phrase. Welcome to the age of Starmerite Stakhanovism, a new era of work, industry, toil and effort (quite the opposite of nasty Tory slackerdom).

Right on cue, Labour MPs have been tweeting en masse that they too are getting to work.

Here are some of the Hound’s selected highlights, decoded:

 “We actually did it. And now we start the work. I won’t let you down.” 

They probably will.

“Let’s get started.” 

Yeah, right, more like, let’s get started, oh but first, the football highlights. 

“Let’s get to work!” 

Yeah! Work!

“Off to Westminster to start work as your MP.” 

And I won’t be coming back. 

“I look forward to getting straight to work.”

As soon as this tweet is done, that’s it for fun time, forever, I’m WORKING. 

“Day one. Let’s get to work.”

Day two. WFH. Day of rest. Like the rest of us.

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