I’m sure you’ll think that headline alarmist and over the top. The shadow chancellor John McDonnell wouldn’t boast publicly of the war games being conducted by a far-left academic connected to a group called Class Wargames in preparation for Corbyn taking power? Yes, he would. He’s John McDonnell, someone who is committed to street politics (violence) and who cites the writings of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky as his biggest influences. McDonnell doesn’t even hide it or pretend.

At what point do people inside and outside of Labour, across the country, start taking the extent of this terrifying threat to economic freedom, liberty and parliamentary order seriously? Or are we to go through the pathetic ritual of useful idiots in some parts of British business lobbying the Corbynites in the hope that they will be spared come the upheaval?

Alex Spence of Buzzfeed reports from the Momentum fringe at Labour conference:

The war games are being led by left-wing academic Richard Barbrook, a senior lecturer at the University of Westminster who is the founder of a group called Class Wargames. According to its website, the group uses real-life war simulations to “re-enact the proletarian struggles of the past in ludic form” and “train the militants of the cybernetic communist revolution to come”.

McDonnell said Barbrook’s simulations are helping Corbyn’s economic team prepare for several economic scenarios. “He’s got a group of people who are coming up with war-game-like scenario planning for when a Labour government goes into power”.

But there can be no show without punch. Up popped Paul Mason, the Corbynite guru, speaking alongside McDonnell. He warned the comrades to prepare for a difficult transition and much sacrifice.

“We need everybody mobilised, in crisis mode… We might have to retreat the equivalent of 2,000km and, like in Stalingrad, be in a siege for six months. You might see the government make compromises and retreats. That’s how you get victory. It’s not very easy. But when you get it, my goodness, we will change the world.”

“Like in Stalingrad.” Really still not worried yet?