The first leadership debate, anchored by Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Channel 4, seems a lifetime ago. In reality, it hasn’t even been three weeks. After numerous TV debates involving personal digs, Claire’s accessories and fainting, the final showdown on Sky this evening looms large for both candidates. 

Anchored by veteran presenter Kay Burley, the debate will run for 90 minutes from 8pm. Dubbed “The Battle for Number 10“, the two candidates will face questioning from a live studio audience, before Burley’s grilling. Whereas Conservative hustings are restricted to members (the ones with a vote), the leadership debates are vital for recognising the entire UK electorate. 

Having both pulled out of a previous Sky debate, Sunak and Truss will see tonight as a last chance to land their key messages with the electorate. Hoping for a polling honeymoon period, the head-to-head could be pivotal in deciding whether the winner gambles on an early election once in Number 10. As interest rates are raised by the highest amount since 1995 and Ofgem confirms a quarterly price cap update, there is plenty to discuss.