When Toby Trice found out about the extent of his fertility problems, he was devastated. A test had shown that Toby had a high level of DNA fragmentation affecting his sperm cells’ integrity. He and his partner, Katie, had been trying for a baby for around six years and after two unsuccessful rounds of IVF, the couple was starting to lose all hope. “At one point, I had a breakdown. I had spent all the years protecting my partner but in doing so, pushed aside my own emotions,” says Toby.

After hitting rock bottom, Toby invested all his energy into becoming a racing driver, harnessing the negative energy and turning it into something positive. By using motorsport as a form of escapism, Toby found a renewed sense of purpose. His goal now is to “disrupt” the stigma around male infertility. He has become an ambassador for Fertility Network (FNUK), co-hosts a men-only online support group and has a documentary about infertility in the pipeline.