Dear Editors,

Reading articles like “Britain’s youth should reject multiculturalism and unify the country” makes me realise why I subscribe and will continue to support Reaction. Really excellent and balanced article.

I hope this reaches a wider audience and wonder how it can have more impact – maybe a conference on the subject? We have dug holes for our societies, and it is happening here in Australia.

We should all be trumpeting our acceptance of diversity, but how do we move away from “ghettoization”?

Keep being a thought leader.

Kind Regards

Bryan Timmons
Margaret River, WA

New evidence on the Shroud of Turin 

Dear Editors,
Regarding Gerald Warner’s piece on the mysteries of the Shroud of Turin, please see my paper on the results of stable isotope testing on threads from the Shroud. They indicate that the flax used to make its linen was grown in the Middle East.

This data puts the Shroud in a new light, and raises new questions for its interpretation.

The results have been reported to the Turin Archdiocese along with a proposal for an expanded testing program.


William Meacham, Research Fellow at Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong 

Thames Water’s debt pile isn’t the taxpayer’s responsibility 

Dear Editors,

Regarding Neil Collins’ latest column, it’s easy to write or to say that Thames Water is carrying £18 billion of debt. But let’s put that in context. The global population is a tad over 8 billion. So Thames Water has borrowed the equivalent of over £2 for every man, woman and child on the planet.

The idiots who lent them that money deserve to lose it. As a cub banker, I was taught to lend on the borrower’s merits and never on the security. Relying on some implied responsibility of the regulator or the government to assure payment of capital and interest was, is and should always be wrong.

Shareholders and bondholders alike must carry this one. The post-GFC assumption that it is the government’s – that is the taxpayers’ – duty to rescue everybody from everything must end and best of all right here and right now.

Anthony Peters