Strange to say it, there is a liberal and economic case for Brexit. Stranger to say it, it falls to me, not only a Remainer but also a Scot Nat, to make it – as Boris certainly didn’t.

World trade is at an inflection point. There is a new paradigm: the fourth industrial revolution. We are seeing an explosion of transnational trade in services – delivered digitally. None of these have tariff barriers like the trade in physical goods. These are the high-value, high-wage, high-margin markets everyone wants.

The Great Firewall of China is a trade barrier behind which China is growing internet industries, cunningly disguised and used as mechanism of political control.

A case could certainly be made that a new trade regime – of free trade in services – is around the corner, and a free agent full of bright minds could carve out a substantial niche.

But in this world, why would you choose to die on the hill of ‘no customs union’ if you were wanting to sign these sort of arguments? Why obsess on the minutiae of the old world? Why risk going back to endless cabinet meetings about the latest bomb on the Strabane-Letterkenny Road? Why pull out of Open Skies and cheap flights because the ECJ adjudicates it?

The Brexiteers’ mantra of ‘cheap clothes and cheap food’ would have resonated with my Grannie and her 1920s childhood in Lanarkshire going to school barefoot and hungry – but it as far off the mark now as the Corbynists invocation of the railways as the commanding heights of the economy.

The new economy holds another knife to the throat of Brexiteers. On the wilder shores of the internet there is a craze for using cheap, commodity amateur AI to meld the faces of female celebrities over those of porn actresses in smutty films.

English holds its dominance in the world because of the cachet of American films and TV. Once it becomes trivial to render them seamlessly dubbed, the stream of global teens polishing their English will dry up. At this point to build a global company, and reap its tax and wealth, you will need a steady supply of local native speakers of Cantonese, and Tamil, and Bengali, and Yorobu and Swahili – more immigration not less.

The liberal Brexiteers are outnumbered by the 1950s nostalgia wing, all white Britons, white bread and spam fritters. On the plus side, London’s half-a-million strong West African community is right behind them.

The liberal Brexiteers seeing UKIP’s 1950s and raising them 1850 and the Anti-Corn Law League shows their intellectual bankruptcy. Saying “make Britain great again” is easy, plotting a course to it is hard. Staging British greatness as a costume drama is just plum stupid.

I think I will stick with the SNP and EU’s boring, cautious 2050 vision if that’s alright with you.