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Like Trump, Boris is preoccupied with messaging

BY David Waywell | tweet @DavidWaywell   /  30 August 2019

The case against impeaching Donald Trump has always about politics rather than law. It’s worth bearing that in mind as some seem to think a case can now be made against Boris Johnson for proroguing parliament.

Given the context, some of the overreaction of this week is understandable. We’ve endured weeks of silly season when politics have been hidden behind stories about human-sized penguins and a girl who used her fridge to send tweets. Politics returned on Wednesday and the person charged with turning the valve seemed to have overcompensated. We went from zero to the Queen suspending parliament in what seemed like a tug of a Johnsonian cufflink. The Privy Council, Balmoral, Jacob Rees Mogg leaning over Her Majesty to show her where to sign away our freedom… The response – in social media land — ranged from “General Strike!” to “Civil War!” This is a “coup” cried some who then declared that we no longer have a functioning democracy…


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