Join us next week when Lionel Barber will be in conversation with Reaction editor Iain Martin on Tuesday 10 November from 6pm until 7pm. They’ll discuss Lionel’s new diaries – plus the aftermath of the US election, Brexit, the Covid crisis and media. There will be an opportunity for readers to ask questions.

Tickets are free for Reaction subscribers – who will be sent an invite, although numbers are limited to 500.

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The former FT editor’s new diaries – The Powerful and the Damned: private diaries in turbulent times – provide a fascinating insight into the high finance and politics of the last 15 years. Published this week, they take in encounters with Presidents, Prime Ministers and CEOs, spanning the global financial crisis, Brexit and much more.

Signed copies are available here for home delivery from Heywood Hill, one of Britain’s loveliest bookshops.

This is a Reaction event, in support of the Reaction Student Programme training next generation journalists.