Billed as the “Battle of Britain”, the Welsh Dragons face England’s Three Lions tonight at 7pm in a high-stakes group stage finale.

It’s a huge day for football across the isles (sorry, Scotland) as the neighbours and frenemies butt heads in Qatar and millions pack out pubs back home.

Wales need a major upset to stand a chance of progressing to the Last-16. Even if they beat England – an event the bookies are chalking up at 7/1 – they’ll probably need the US and Iran to draw.

While many readers won’t care about balls hitting nets, the game is important for the relationship between two countries off the pitch as well as on. Both are proud footballing nations, and the rivalry is fierce.

Bosses have been warned not to let office banter go too far today. Peter Nicholson, of Nelsons Solicitors, which specialises in discrimination cases, told The Times that light-hearted teasing shouldn’t be allowed to spill over into something more. He said: “It is essential that this does not cross the line into racial discrimination – based on nationality – and employers should make it clear that any discriminatory behaviour will result in disciplinary action.”

It’s easy to see how good-natured ribbing can escalate. We’ve seen it before, not least on Gavin and Stacey, when the two clans, one from Essex, the other from Barry Island, descend into a blazing row when the couple announce they’re planning to get married in Wales. It takes an inspirational speech from Rob Brydon’s Uncle Brin to smooth things over. It’s well worth a watch.

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