The glare of Sir Keir’s pristine white shirt illuminated the heart of the city from the giant video screen over the department store aptly called “Next”. It might as well have been called “Change”.

As far as election ads go, this one was overkill. Liverpool is already a fiercely Labour city, even if its reputation isn’t quite for that version of Labour now manifesting itself in white rolled-up shirt sleeves. There is, however, enough of a moderate Labour presence up here to mean it also offers a glimpse of the future. It recently re-elected Steve Rotherham as the mayor of the Liverpool City Region (slightly different to Liverpool itself but not worth dwelling on the difference). Alongside Manchester’s Andy Burnham, Rotherham has come to dominate North West politics. The two of them making a cogent and increasingly valid case for a decentralised Britain, with more power devolved to local government. It’s perhaps why the region has a renewed sense of optimism in the face of a broader dissatisfaction with the direction that the country is going.