For weeks now, it’s been rumoured at Westminster that former Prime Minister Liz Truss is fundraising to launch a new think tank to promote her ideas on low taxation, growth, and, er, shaking up the financial orthodoxy.

But no, it’s not true according to her spokesman. “It’s not true,” he said.

Meanwhile, a dedicated supporter says the rumour got running because of a stray line in the Sunday Times recently. The former Tory leader wants to make the case for lower taxes, and more interventions are anticipated. As for a formal think tank – with boffins whirring away producing research papers on themes such as how to fire the senior civil servant at the Treasury thus creating a domino effect that crashes the markets – there are no plans, as yet.

In time, perhaps, Liz Truss‘s interventions could, says the supporter, require some more formal support structure. A mini think tank.

Readers wanting to donate to Liz Truss’s think tank will have to wait. 

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