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Looks like a new Tory leader will need an immediate general election

BY Iain Martin | tweet iainmartin1   /  30 April 2019

Not only is Brexit stuck – in a long delay featuring meandering talks between weary ministers and their Labour counterparts – but this entire government has ground to a halt because it is knackered, bust, moribund, utterly done for.

Nick Watt on BBC Newsnight got to the heart of it with his report on Monday evening on the government admitting that it cannot even put together a Queen’s Speech. Normally, a Prime Minister and the cabinet – directed by Number 10 – put together a package of legislation and the Queen comes to parliament to say that her government, it is her government, will do assorted forward-looking stuff and propose a range of bills. “My government will bring forward legislation to improve the viability of Britain’s water vole population…” and so on.

The current government can’t even do that. Ministers can’t take the risk of doing anything legislative. Theresa May has a majority of five and could easily lose a vote on a Queen’s Speech.


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