Reaction Weekend

Lost Classic – Robin and Marian

BY Philip Patrick   /  23 August 2019

There was a period of my misspent youth when I lived a virtually nocturnal existence. One consequence of this was that I consumed vast quantities of night time TV – then (in the 1980s) still something of a novelty. The content was of a variable quality, but you would often get a surprisingly good film, usually something from the 70s or from the early 80s that had somehow failed to make its mark on release, and wasn’t deemed suitable for primetime, but which was nonetheless eminently watchable. I came across a number of my favourite films in this way: The Verdict, Spinal Tap, Capricorn 1, Jeremiah Johnson.

And then there was Robin and Marian, the 1976 Sean Connery/Audrey Hepburn treatment of the Robin Hood story.


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