Read William Boyd’s latest book ‘Love is Blind’. It’s terrific. Great: #bloodymarvelousloveisblind. If you are familiar with Mr. Boyd’s work and need no further encouragement, don’t bother reading on. You’ve got it. Use that Amazon One Click button NOW, and it may even be in your Christmas stocking.

Mr. Boyd’s shtick is that he always takes you, dear reader, into a life in a not so far away parallel universe where you once may have lived, perhaps be already living, might wish you had the chance to occupy, the life of his protagonist. Never really ‘hero’, as there are seldom out and out heroes in Mr. Boyd’s complex oeuvre, spanning ‘A Good Man in Africa,” published in 1981, to his latest, ‘Love is Blind’. One of his skills is to mold first-rate characters from second-class clay.