More than half of Tory party members would vote for Rishi Sunak if the leadership election was re-run, according to a new YouGov poll, the latest in a slew of surveys revealing the fragility of Truss’ premiership. 

The snap poll of 530 Conservative party members, conducted on Monday and Tuesday, revealed that only 25% of Tory party members would cast their vote for Truss in a re-run. And only 50 per cent of those who backed Truss the first time around would do so again, with 24 per cent of them saying they would vote for Sunak instead. 

The poll also found that 55 per cent of party members want the PM to hand in her resignation.

While 15 per cent of the party membership believe Truss is doing a good jobs PM, 83 per cent of members responded that Truss is doing badly, including 72 per cent of those who voted for her as leader.

Two fifths of those who voted for Sunak during the leadership contest said that Truss is performing “as expected”.

separate poll released earlier today, but conducted before Jeremy Hunt reversed most of Truss’ tax cuts, also revealed that Truss’ net favourability rating has dropped by 14 points to -70, 15 points below Jeremy Corbyn’s lowest rating in 2019.

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