There are several ways to leave Downing Street without being spotted or attracting attention, as Tom Newton Dunn of Times Radio pointed out on Twitter.

Anyone leaving can use the backdoor quietly or go out through the Cabinet Office.

Someone leaving via the front door wants to be seen and snapped by the photographers that are stationed on the other side of Downing Street. The serial user of the front door is game playing, making a point about their importance or toying with the media machine they have come to hate because it hunts them.

On Friday afternoon, Dominic Cummings left via the front door and was snapped carrying a box of the kind people use when making a move or clearing out their desk.

Cue more discussion, attention and questions about what he’s up to:

Wasn’t he supposed to be staying until Christmas?

Is he leaving early? It appears he’s out tonight.

Has there been another row? Almost certainly, it’s Boris Johnson’s Number 10.

What was inside the cardboard box? Was it outgoing spin doctor Lee Cain’s chicken costume?

More, or less, as we get it.

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