It seems that everyone’s favourite aide-snogging, app-owning, crypto king MP Matt Hancock has gone one step further in sucking up to his Silicon Valley overlords, by following in the footsteps of Nick Clegg, and joining the Metaverse.

Hancock, who has long been an advocate of future technology, and earlier this year said that the UK should be a hub for fintech and cryptocurrency innovation, has launched his own avatar for Meta’s virtual reality social media platform – becoming the first MP to do so.

The virtual platform will allow users to have an immersive experience, using, for example, a VR headset to enter a virtual platform allowing them to meet and communicate with others. Apparently, this is something that is going to catch on…

Bloomberg reporter Alex Wickham tweeted a picture of Hancock’s avatar, with the virtual MP sporting a muscle-bound physique and a strong hairline. A tad generous, don’t you think?

A “Shift” logo emblazons the tight-fitting shirt barely containing virtual Hancock’s Adonis-esque frame – ironically, “shift” is Irish slang for the exact kind of racy activity that Hancock gets up to behind the doors of his office.

Some Twitter users were quick to point out the uncanny resemblance to TV personality Judge Rinder. Most, of course, just begged for it to be a joke.