May moves on EU citizens fee but not much else

BY Finn McRedmond   /  21 January 2019

Following a calamitous defeat in parliament last Tuesday on her Withdrawal Agreement, Theresa May addressed the Commons today with her plan B – and it looks remarkably similar to plan A. 

With time ticking down to 29th March and the looming threat of a no deal Brexit, May embarked on a second push to win over MPs to her deal. After engaging in cross party talks last week, May made further commitments to continue these talks with the aim of finding some kind of consensus. She specifically emphasised meetings with the DUP, to work out a way around the impasse on the backstop. Unfortunately, the EU have made it clear that there is no deal without a backstop – so where May goes next is unclear. 

She opened her statement with the acknowledgement that following last week’s defeat “it’s clear that the government’s approach had to change. And it has.” 


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