UK Politics

May using Huawei risks putting us at odds with our closest allies

BY Charlotte Henry   /  25 April 2019

When most people in the UK think of big tech companies, Huawei is probably not the first name that comes to mind. Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, maybe, but not the Chinese telecoms giant. The firm is at the centre of an international trade and security dispute though. It is starting to look like Britain is on the wrong side of the divide.

While Huawei without doubt builds advanced and important technology, it is also widely feared to be a corporate spy on behalf of the Chinese state. The tensions have ramped up since Donald Trump won the White House, and have become a key part of the US President’s trade war with China. President Trump has urged allies not to use the firm for national infrastructure projects, and signed a law banning it being used for such projects in the US.


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