Only Boris can stop Boris becoming Prime Minister, goes the saying in media land. Following a carefully managed campaign, constructed by advisors aware of his flaws, in which he won the support of more than half the Tory party in the Commons, he goes forward for confirmation hearings in front of a party membership that for the most part loves him. Only a slip by Boris can upend the stately coronation procession. His is a Ming vase candidacy, meaning the idea of Boris is so fragile that it must be carried carefully across the floor from one end of the highly-polished ballroom to the other.

Unfortunately for Boris, this weekend it is no longer true that only Boris can stop Boris becoming Prime Minister. There is another human being involved, his girlfriend Carrie Symonds. If she chooses, she can stop Boris becoming Tory leader and Prime Minister.

On Friday evening, news broke in the Guardian of a late-night domestic incident at a flat in Camberwell, a notorious hotbed of London lefties.