If you are wearing a hat – and let’s face it you’re not, because hardly anyone wears a hat, other than Jeremy Corbyn out on a cold day attending a Make Hizbollah great Again rally – you would take it off and gesture approvingly in the direction of the Tiggers. In under a week the actions of the group of MPs that walked out of Labour have changed the Westminster weather. Their decision to quit has applied pressure to Corbyn and his associates, and already they are having to shift on Brexit.

In a bid to persuade Labour MPs standing on the edge of revolt and resignation, Corbyn has been forced to promise a referendum rerun, sort of.

Before the People’s Vote crowd perform a europhile victory dance – break out the magnums of Bollinger, quails’ eggs all round, everyone back to Roland Rudd’s house to watch the Krzysztof Kieślowski season on the Curzon cinema home-streaming service – it is worth examining the small print.