An image has surfaced via an irate Reaction reader of MPs and spads drinking on the House of Commons terrace on Wednesday, even as the Queen’s body newly lies in state only hundreds of metres away.

In the picture it looks like they are having fun. They’re enjoying the moment, taking a break in the aftermath of the Queen’s death and all those ceremonial duties. Yet there are a few mumblings from the puritans out there. Isn’t drinking in the bars at Westminster disrespectful right now?

But why not have a drink when normal politics is suspended and most MPs have less to do? It’s rather nice for them – and even better for us – not to have the intrigues and in-fighting of Westminster thrust down our throats. It’s certainly a relief not to be seeing the usual politicians, and political hacks, pontificating on our screens every minute of the day.

The royal correspondents are far more respectful in their reporting style, and in the main have much nicer voices too. 

What’s more, the late Queen might even approve of MPs having a drink to mark this historic period. It’s known the late monarch was fond of a strong gin and tonic, and liked to see her subjects at ease. 

In the light of some complaints, the Hound phoned – and emailed – the Speaker’s office to see what his team had to say about the terrace gathering.

There is no comment, as yet. Meanwhile, the grand British tradition of celebrating life with a pint continues in the heart of the Palace of Westminster. Cheers! And God Save the King. 

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