Why MPs were right to reject May’s deal

BY Philip Patrick   /  13 March 2019

Aargh! That’s it, I’ve had it. I give up.

No, not on Brexit, there’s still the faintest glimmer of a chance that that might actually happen. But I give up on the Brexit cause ever being properly understood. If it were, no one sympathetic to that cause would ever have been advising the signing of the wretched May deal.

And yet there were no shortage of apologists for Brexit, even outright Brexit supporters, doing just that, including David Davis, Henry Newman, Alison Pearson and Janet Daley. The Daily Mail supported the deal. As did the Spectator! Et tu Fraser?

And yes, I get the reasoning. I really do. Just sign! We know it’s staggeringly awful, but it gets this thing over the line. We’d be out of the treaties. We’d be out of the CAP, out of the CFP. We’d end freedom of movement. We’d stop sending tons of dosh to Brussels.


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