Brexit turns three tomorrow – and the British public are suffering from a serious case of Bregret.  

A new “megapoll” by Unherd and Focaldata asked voters across England, Scotland and Wales whether “Britain was wrong to leave the EU”. The result is staggering.

In all 632 constituencies (apart from three, all in Lincolnshire) more people agree than disagree.

Overall, 37 per cent of those polled strongly agreed, 17 per cent mildly agreed, 9 per cent mildly disagreed and 19 per cent strongly disagreed – 18 per cent said “neither”.

Bristol West, Edinburgh South and Streatham were the three most Bregretful constituencies, while Boston and Skegness, South Holland and the Deepings, and Louth and Horncastle were the most fervent advocates of having left.  

With the next general election now a distinct spot on the horizon, the question is how the two big parties will use this information.

For months – years even – Labour had been loath to touch Brexit, believing it risks opening a can of words and reviving old fault lines that threatened to split the party in two. 

Yet in the past few weeks Keir Starmer has said he is determined to make a success of Brexit – and that Labour would not take the UK back into the EU.

This latest data, suggesting widespread buyer’s remorse, will complicate his calculation. The survey also makes it tougher for Brexit-backing Tories to keep banging on about how divorce from the EU has liberated the country, ushering in new freedoms and opportunities.  Their defence – that Brexit was never a simple and single event which would open the doors to a new glorious paradise, but an ongoing process – is going to be even tougher. More like purgatory than paradise.  

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