Are you up to speed with the Transition Plan Taskforce? No? How about the Race To Resilience? Oh, and not forgetting the snappily-named Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero. By now, you will have guessed that these worthy organisations are the standard-bearers for renewable energy, all trying to promote ways of getting the world to work without burning hydrocarbons.

They do generate plenty of hot air on their beautifully-presented websites, as well as providing an employment sideline for the great and good. The Transition Plan Taskforce has assembled a steering group of a dozen of them under co-chairmen Amanda Blanc (Aviva) and John Glen (HM Treasury), with a further 33 in the “delivery group”. They – or more likely, a posse of underlings who will actually do the work – have all been asked to “develop a gold standard for transition plans” and to try and root out the popular corporate sport of greenwashing. Even the Financial Conduct Authority is getting in on the act, setting up an advisory board on the unholy trinity of Environment, Social and Governance issues.