The news quiz to Trump all others

Trump vs Clinton, Leave vs Remain: a quiz on the year that offered little multiple choice

BY John McKie   /  16 December 2016

It’s been a seismic year. A sad year. Millions the world over were left to process their grief as they came to terms with a world without Jean-Claude Juncker. The kind of year which put bookmakers and pollsters, as well as political leaders, out of business. Some constants remain. The end of year quiz remains with us, like death, taxes, and Polly Toynbee on Newsnight. Here is one from Reaction.

1. To whom did Jeremy Corbyn NOT pay warm tribute in 2016?

a) Sir Terry Wogan
b) Fidel Castro
c) The President Elect of the United States

2. Who was photographed dancing in shorts at Glastonbury’s silent disco at 4am on the same morning several senior members of his party quit their Cabinet posts?

a) David Cameron
b) Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson
c) The President Elect of the United States

3. Who met Hillary Clinton and tweeted “#Imwithher” before quickly deleting the post prompting speculation of a 180º reverse-ferret?

a) Senator Elizabeth Warren
b) Britney Spears
c) The President Elect of the United States

4. Who dropped “Blonde” in the middle of the night to mass hysteria without any interviews with recognised media outlets?

a) Beyonce
b) Frank Ocean
c) The President Elect of the United States

5. Who said live on television “What is Aleppo?”?

a) Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry
b) Independent Presidential candidate Gary Johnson
c) The President Elect of the United States

6. Who published a revised CV after lofty claims of top level business expertise were questioned?

a) Paul Nuttall PhD
b) Andrea Leadsom MP
c) The President Elect of the United States

7. Who made these comments which came to recent prominence? “This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!”

a) Zac Goldsmith on the 2016 battle for London Mayor/Richmond Park by-election (delete as applicable)
b) The President Elect of the United States of America on the 2012 Election.
c) First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the 2015 Independence Referendum.

8. Final question, US Elections. Who was the VP Pick?

a) Tim Kaine
b) Mike Pence
c) The President-Elect of the United States


If you’ve answered b) to all questions except 1 which is c), you win a degree from Trump University. The answer to the final question is of course b) unless VP stands for Vladimir Putin, in which case it’s also c).