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From the spiritual, the sublime, the transcendent, it’s straight back to temporal politics today. There will now be a four day blitz unleashed by a largely inexperienced Number 10 team, seeking to establish its authority and to show that post-Boris Johnson there is a new government in town.

It is only two weeks today since Liz Truss travelled to Balmoral to be asked by Queen Elizabeth II to form an administration. Two days later the Queen died. New Prime Minister, new monarch.

I won’t add to the mountain of metaphors. What more is there to be said about the queue and the days of the country paying its respects? Britain excelled itself. All culminating in Monday’s extraordinary events, from the magnificence of the military operation, to the religious ceremony and the perfectly pitched words of the Archbishop of Canterbury hymning a glorious life of service, and the massed pipes, and the lone piper during the committal at Windsor as the coffin slipped from view.