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On the record: The Lasso – 2121

The Lasso's new record 2121 is this year's first tremendous experimental album

BY Hudson Roe   /  20 February 2021

This year has officially thrown up its first tremendous experimental album. The Lasso’s new record, 2121, is cram-packed with diverse sounds, clear influences, and music worthy of repeated returns. It is the most exciting album I can remember listing to for a long time.

To excavate 2121 fully will take dozens of listens. The album features an electric mix of collaborations from Future Islands lead singer Samuel Herring, Nashville rapper Namir Blade and Chicago vocalist A. Billi Free. All of whom are marshalled by The Lasso amid some ambitious composing.

The Abyss, midway through the album, begins as a pretty standard hip-hop track. Drum machine kicking, Fat Tony raps about justice and a need for change. Then, a bass guitar joins in, oozing funk. The song complicates things further with dreamy vocals echoing over the beat. And when it gets to Fat Tony’s second verse, the song accelerates beyond a simple rap track; you’re listening to something altogether more futuristic.


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