Few people can convincingly defend the UK’s coronavirus response, given that we’ve had one of the highest death tolls in Europe, along with very long lockdowns and a deep economic recession. Not even Boris Johnson, with all his dreamy rhetoric of flying taxis and garden bridges, can sell that. And so, in one of his better PMQs performances, Keir Starmer naturally opted “to look at some of the decisions the Prime Minister’s made in the last twelve months.”

The questions ranged from the failure of tiers to OBR forecasts, but most damaging was the mention of Westminster’s favourite jester, Dominic Cummings. “Another major mistake of the last twelve months, losing public trust,” said Starmer as he prepared to hammer the ball into the back of an open net. “We all know what the tipping point was: the 520 mile round trip to Barnard Castle, and the humiliating way in which the Prime Minister and his Cabinet chose to defend it.