Proroguing parliament is legal and should be on the table

BY Gerald Warner   /  14 June 2019

The impressive thing about Team Corbyn is not just the remarkable consistency with which it demonstrates its talent to screw up, but the faultless timing with which it executes every own-goal.

The latest example of this felicitous combination is its defeat earlier this week on a Commons motion designed to block a WTO Brexit, on the same day that Boris emerged from seclusion to launch his bid for the Tory leadership, with no-deal Brexit as an outcome he was prepared to countenance.

The ultra-Remainers’ 298-309 defeat effectively put a WTO Brexit into play as part of the mainstream Brexiteer strategy for exit from the EU by 31 October. Remainer delusions should be fading fast. Their best ally was Theresa May and she is now off the radar screen, manufacturing a “legacy” by pretending to commit Britain to a £1 trillion non-energy policy that would see the citizens of 2050 rubbing two sticks together to make fire.


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