Reaction Podcast

Reaction Podcast: What now for Italy’s economy?

Roger Bootle knows where he'd start if his job was kickstarting Italian growth

BY Rachel Cunliffe | RMCunliffe   /  6 December 2016

Anti-establishment forces triumphed over the weekend and the Italian political elite is now in crisis mode. But with all the focus on the outgoing prime minister Matteo Renzi, there’s a risk of missing the underlying causes of the dissatisfaction that has recently bubbled to the surface. It is no secret that Italy’s economy has been flagging with slow growth and an unappealing entrepreneurial landscape. Will the referendum and the resignation of Renzi do anything to change that?

On this week’s episode of the Reaction Podcast, I spoke to Roger Bootle, Managing Director of Capital Economics. He some some imaginative ideas about where to start when it comes to fixing Italy’s economy.

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