Adam Boulton

The literary portion of my brain has been unexpectedly frozen during the Covid outbreak. I have not read what I thought I would have read, and the unopened fresh bricks from Mantel and Rowling/Galbraith still stare at me reproving from the bedside table. So, some nimbler recommendations: Andrew Adonis’ Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill (Biteback, £20) is the political biography of the year. Essential reading now that the left is again trying to find its way back to the centre ground and possibility of victory. I also wrote here about Reality and Other Stories (Faber & Faber, £12.99), John Lanchester’s witty mingling of tech and the supernatural. But, the book guaranteed to dispel any chill caused by horror or winter is the third volume in the Doonesbury in the Time of Trump (Andrews McMeel Publishing, £11.99) series. Lewser follows Yuge! and #SAD! and could not be more apposite following the US Election. Author G B Trudeau’s subtle political acuity often leads one to overlook what a brilliant and innovative comic book artist he is as well.

Emma Sky