“I knew what was coming,” Astrologer and psychic Jessica Adams told The Daily Mail last Sunday, describing her premonition of coronavirus, a year before the virus was recognised in Wuhan.According to the newspaper, Adams spread the word to her 16,000 or so Twitter followers and packed up her life in London, moving to Tasmania to live out the pandemic with two dogs and a pet chicken. Whilst the rest of us shrieked “unprecedented” and shook our heads in disbelief, she claims to have predicted Trump’s downfall in October (the month he was diagnosed with coronavirus), the rife between Prince Harry and William and, though yet to come true, believes Brexit will be complicated by Italy deciding to follow suit and leave the EU too.

The good news is, the psychic is certain things will get better a few days before Christmas Eve; her predictions suggest the festive season is full steam ahead, though this week’s news does little to support this premonition.